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Is your dog digging? Is it driving you mad? Well let’s try and figure out WHY your dog is digging the place up….

  • Is your dog bored?

  • Is your dog over excited?

  • Is your dog trying to elicit play?

  • Is your dog being protective?

Dogs dig for many reasons, its nature too; dogs have been digging since before domestication.  It’s not always easy but just like children there is a reason behind it, don’t despair…... it took us a while to learn too and were still learning with every dog as there is always something new to learn with each dog we get.


Things you can do to help your dog out….

  • Give it a place to dig, yes that’s right, you heard me…. GIVE your dog a place that is okay to dig in. Now this isn’t a quick fix and you do still need to train your dog where is okay and where isn’t.

  • Hide food, treats or toys in the area where they can dig, make them work to get it. Mental stimulation will wear a dog out quicker than physical exercise will.

  • Remember this is natural for a dog, they can keep cool on hot days in a hole and warm on cold days. This is what they do out in the wild.


You may get some help from the following links - remembering, to FIX something, you need to know WHY.

Please remember, you may need professional help too, yes dog trainers can be $$$ but we can recommend some that we use and trust.


Here are some ideas for fun. Remember; some dogs like digging in water too.

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