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What is the 'Last Litter Program'? 

The Last Litter Program means that the pet owner agrees to surrender the entire litter of puppies to Dusty Paws Dog Rescue where they will receive all their required vet work before rehoming and Dusty Paws Dog Rescue will cover the cost to desex the mother through our vets.  Then she will be able to return home to her loving family without the risk of any future accidental litters.

Why run the 'Last Litter Program? 

Dusty Paws Dog Rescue decided to launch the Last Litter Program when we realised there was a need within the community to help reduce the number of accidental litters.
This program not only assists those that may not be able to afford the cost of desexing their pet, but it also reduces the number of undesexed animals within the community.

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