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Here at Dusty Paws Dog Rescue we understand that there are many reasons why a person would need to rehome their beloved pet.

Please remember every dog that comes into care will go into a foster home.

We do not use shelters.

They will come into a home and be assessed, vetted and trained to the best of our ability before we find loving homes for them.

Please put as much detail into this form as possible to help us match up the right foster home for your dog.

As soon as we find an appropriate foster carer for your dog we will be in contact and then will organise to bring your dog into care.

We do not require any sort of surrender fee but we will need a surrender form signed as well as you providing as much paper work on your dog as possible. Eg. Desexing, microchip and vaccination certificates.

We will not judge. We are here to help what ever the situation.

We thankyou for putting your trust in us to find your dog a suitable loving home.

**Please note we specialise in working breeds.

We are happy to take most other breeds providing we have a suitable foster home for them.

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