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Toilet Training

Toilet training is both rewarding and frustrating, yes that’s right frustrating…


You need patients when it comes to toilet training if you are wanting your dog inside with you. It’s never nice coming home after a long day at work to find your dog or pup has had an accident and you now must clean it up.

Remember that not every accident can be prevented or controlled, sometimes even like us when the urge strikes it’s now or never. 
Please out of all things make sure you make this FUN training for your dog, if they associate bad things or punishment with this it can make it harder.  If you growl at your dog or try rubbing its face in it, not only do you have a dog that might wet itself when being told off, but you will have a smelly dog. 
Make sure you set your dog up for success, use things like food, treats, toys or pats as rewards for going ‘toilet’ where you want them to. Get your puppy associated with the phrase ‘toilet’ or ‘wees’ what ever you want to use stick to it. Try not to confuse them by changing the word too much. 
Understand that puppies can’t hold their bladders for long, there babies and sometimes they don’t even know they are doing it. Make sure you take your pup or dog out regularly to ‘toilet’ getting a routine may just save the carpet in your house. 
Puppies sleeping inside at night can be helped by setting an area up for them to sleep in; i.e. a crate, or area that they move around in like a play pen. Keep an eye on your pup during the day and look for signs that they may need to go, take them outside and give the command ‘toilet’ once your pup has gone successfully REWARD them. There is nothing better then being told you have done the right thing, puppies and dogs learn when praised more then when being punished for doing the wrong thing. 

Make sure you don’t let them drink too much before going to bed other wise you will wake up to a wet area, take them outside before bed, play with them, let them toilet and put them to bed. You may need to get up during the night to toilet them again and gradually increase the time between toileting times. 

If you have a dog that keeps urinating in the house, they could be marking their territory or there could be a medical reason. Please don’t dismiss this as it can be easy to treat things like UTI’s.
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